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Find out what qualifies for an artificial turf soccer field.

The appearance is smooth, the color and luster are evenly divided, the seam is smooth and no obvious convexity phenomenon, the grass stem is dense, the traction is divided, the grass seedling is soft and warm, rich and flexible. Good peace of mind and ravaging impact resistance. Grass seedling back glue should be average thick with good tensile strength and tear strength.

The utility line, point line width size and positioning of the precise utility area size fits the specification. Logo line should be clear non-reflective logo line can be woven directly in the lawn can also be on-site tailoring bonding from the seam to lay a strong tape! Articulation can not be directly adhered to the foundation surface.

There is no obvious gap between the two turf joints bonding compact not open glue. Fill in the sand and glue grain appearance clean and full without obvious up and down difference. Slope: artificial sports turf field slope is 4‰ -6‰ to have good drainage, each point line spacing size accuracy to various The logo color and size of the utility line and dotted line must meet the requirements of FIFA rules. The error does not exceed 2cm.

Artificial grass filler is two layers; the bottom layer is quartz sand and the top layer is rubber granules, two layers separate filling can not be mixed. The artificial grass field performance of the inspection structure state does not allow the field air present any such as arch, crack or delaminated, backing cloth breakage and other phenomena. The test stops at the standard soccer field. Stop test on a standard soccer pitch where the ball drops from 1 meter height with a rebound request of 40%, i.e. the ball drops freely from 1 meter height. Bounce height is 40 cm.

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