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Artificial turf sports field maintenance and maintenance methods

Current artificial turf sports fields (e.g., soccer fields, tennis courts, etc.) account for proper and appropriate care and maintenance in major institutions and community courts. A larger percentage will extend the life of an artificial turf and aesthetic degree. The following are ways to maintain your artificial turf.

Stop running 9mm long spikes on the lawn; stop any motorized vehicles on the lawn; stop heavy long term stress on the lawn; stop shot put, javelin, discus or other high fall type lawn sports.

Entanglement and moss turf: small areas of sprawling lawns with available and reasonably specific anti-tangle agents (e.g., purged roadkill or pod chlorine) are only The need for the proper lawn consistency will not be affected in any way. These anti-caking agents will remove tangles from attached lawns followed by a hard broom sweep. If the lawn is heavily tangled it will need to be fully processed and cleaned.

Lawn foreign bodies: leaves, pine needles, nuts, chewing gum, etc. can cause tangling spots and stains, especially before exercising to check if there are any foreign bodies in the lawn. Similar foreign objects inside the artificial turf to avoid damage and to maintain the safety of the sport. Need to avoid external leakage of sewage and foreign objects into the turf. Establishing curbs (shoulders) around the edges to avoid water infiltration into the turf.

Lawn mowing: paving six to eight weeks after each week to clean the artificial turf gravel sweep average to ensure that the stem upright gravel average. Snow immediately stop stepping on the application before the need to clean the appearance of snow floating. Artificial turf should be used in 3 to 6 months with water rinse clean insist on its color so that quartz sand can be stable to maintain the proper treatment of lawn.

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