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Synthetic Turf Heat Solutions Sportsfield Management

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Synthetic turf heat solutions | SportsField Management

Jun 28, 2018· Synthetic turf intends to imitate a well-maintained natural grass field. The core design it uses to accomplish this, green polyethylene fibers and black rubber, also contributes to its temperature shortcomings. The temperature on these fields can rise as high as 175 degrees.

Synthetic turf in the heat | SportsField Management

Sep 10, 2019· Second, irrigating synthetic turf for cooling provides an immediate and short-lived benefit that mitigates the surface temperature for 15-30 minutes before it returns to its pre-wet state. It is best to offer athletes natural turf in the current warm weather conditions, as there remains no solid solution for high heat stress conditions created on synthetic turf fields.

T°Cool Evaporative Cooling | SportsField Management

T°Cool technology is combating the excessive field temperature issue and making the synthetic turf cooler, safer and more playable. T°Cool, which resists bacterial attack, is an eco-friendly evaporative cooling technology that provides a cooling effect on synthetic turf surfaces

SportsField Management formerly SportsTurf

SportsField Management magazine formerly SportsTurf magazine is the official publication of the Sports Turf Managers Association.... Sod Solutions and Barenbrug reach agreement. July 6, 2020. Busy June for IA advocacy. July 6, 2020. STMA Town Hall Meeting Professional/Rectangle Sports video June 30, 2020. Products.... The Synthetic Turf...

Synthetic Sports Fields and the Heat Island Effect

May 08, 2019· Synthetic turf fields are advantageous for their all-weather utility, zero recovery time under heavy use and low not “no” maintenance, and product manufacturers have been working to find alternative infill materials that would generate lower surface-level temperatures.

Natural Grass and Synthetic Turf Injury Research

Jan 03, 2020· Play on synthetic turf had a 16 percent higher rate of lower body injuries than on natural grass. This included contact and noncontact that resulted in any time loss. For noncontact injuries, synthetic turf injury rates were 27 percent higher than injury rates on natural grass.

Sports Turf Solutions

Sports Turf Solutions offers on-site Gmax testing, comprehensive safety assessments and a variety of consulting services to help you evaluate and improve athletic field safety and playability. Our capabilities extend to both synthetic and natural-turf sports fields.

Synthetic turf | Sports Field Management

Is Adding A Synthetic Field The answer?

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Keystone Sports Construction artificial turf sports field construction company. If you're looking for artificial turf companies or a turf suppliers, contact us right now! 877-407-4585 180 Gordon Drive, STE 107 Exton, PA 19341

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May 12, 2020· Sportsfield Specialties provides confidence and leadership in the manufacturing and sale of athletic construction equipment for all levels. Let our sales team and industry partners assist you with the design, engineering, and installation of your next project.


10 1 SportsField Management I APRIL 2016. NCER RUMB... 1 11. By Robert Meyer WITH SPORTSFIELD MANAGEMENT ONLINE READ MORE ONLINE! Search "synthetic turf" for more articles on the controversy over crumb- rubber infill, as well as maintenance tips, There are concerns regarding heat and mold with organic infills, however. COATED RUBBER...

COLUMBUS HIGH SCHOOL Sports Field Solutions

Columbus High School was ready to upgrade it's football to synthetic turf. They searched for the best, and SFS was selected to install the field. A brock pad was

Sports Field Solutions Sports Field Turf Line Marking

Sports Field Solutions delivers a complete solution of products, equipment and expertise for synthetic turf preparation, painting, and paint removal. Sports Field Solutions is dedicated to the ideal that line and logo markings should not damage the underlying turf fibers or in-fill.

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SPORTSFIELD WATERING SOLUTIONS.... It's called proactive management and with the addition of a Micro Rain traveling irrigation system, the results can be significant. These machines are designed to be extremely user friendly, have unparalleled performance, and operate completely unattended.... Engine drive option for high speed synthetic turf...

Synthetic turf | Sports Field Management

Having and using a synthetic turf field would allow native soil fields to be rested and have time to recuperate. These fields are especially useful in the spring and fall when temperatures are more moderate than in the heat of the summer.

Sports Turf | Nashville Athletic Field Construction

Artificial turf engineering has come a long way from the days of carpet and concrete. Today’s synthetic surfaces provide a resilient alternative for weather-challenged field managers, and can offer nearly year-round availability in most climates. Let STS provide you with your synthetic SportsTurf Solution.

nd A Guide to Synthetic and Natural Turfgrass for Sports

A sports turf manager can develop a cost effective program specific to each field’s requirements. For further field management information, contact the STMA at ph. 800-323-3875, for referral to relevant local and regional resources. Synthetic turf All synthetic turf manufacturers have recommended maintenance practices.

Precision Turf Natural Turf

Precision Turf, LLC is dedicated to providing feasible and economical solutions that will deliver both a safe and aesthetically pleasing athletic playing field. We strive to develop a relationship of trust and reliability so that Precision Turf becomes the answer to all of your athletic and sports field construction and maintenance concerns.

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Sporturf™ is part of the Controlled Products family with an extensive and storied history in the artificial turf industry. The founding partners were at the front lines of the first Turf Revolution in the 70’s, and in the ‘90s helped set the foundation for initial trials of the rubber filled turf systems we know today.

Sports Field Solutions | Athletic Field Construction

Sports Field Solutions is a Texas-based, sports field construction and maintenance company. With decades of experience, and a broad set of backgrounds, SFS helps schools, independent school districts, universities, cities, and professional teams find great, customized solutions for their specific needs.

White Papers & Technical Presentations Synthetic Turf

Measuring Heat of Synthetic Turf PDF 896.69 KB [ more ] [ ] Administration 7/30/2014... Synthetic Solutions: Turf maintenance and repair Link [ more ] [ ]... Synthetic Turf Council SportsField Management, March 2012 Turf Installation Techniques PDF 6.14 MB...

Nitrogen timing and rates | Sports Field Management

When establishing a new stand of turf on sandy type soils apply 0.4 pound of a soluble nitrogen per 1,000 sq. ft. or up to 1 pound of total nitrogen with fertilizers with at least 60% slow release nitrogen. If in 4-6 weeks the turf is not dense and it is before November 1 st make another application at the

Synthetic Sports Turf | FAQ | The Motz Group

Most synthetic turf fields on the ground today, if properly groomed and maintained, are lasting anywhere from 10-12 years. As a synthetic turf field owner, you may be wondering how the process of procuring a replacement field will differ or be similar to the original field installation, and how best to prepare for the end of your field’s lifespan.

Cooling Solution For Synthetic Turf Installed At The Citadel

During the warm weather months, synthetic turf fields across the country can get hot and often reach the 160-degree level. T°Cool lowers synthetic turf surface temperatures by 30 to 50 degrees, without compromising performance benefits. An eco-friendly solution, it coats the black crumb rubber infill as