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Mar 08, 2020· Approach your HOA with a few neighbors that are also in agreement about switching to artificial grass. Have an EasyTurf Design Consultant Do the Work. Instead of trying to explain the benefits of artificial grass to your HOA yourself, you can reach out to us and have one of our design consultants meet directly with your HOA contact.

Here’s How to Get Artificial Turf When You Have an HOA

Dec 03, 2019· Get in contact with your HOA to express your interest in artificial grass, and let us come in with the rest of the details. Start the HOA conversation today by calling EasyTurf at 866.327.9887 Sign up for a FREE design consultation today and ask us to speak with your Home Owner’s Association!

Landscaping With Artificial Turf in an HOA Neighborhood

Landscaping With Artificial Turf in an HOA Neighborhood With increasing concerns over drought and water conservation, artificial turf is growing in popularity. If your first thought is “ew,” you’re probably visualizing the scratchy plastic carpet in Aunt Edna’s sunroom or a

Homeowners Associations HOA’s and Artificial Turf Lawn

Synthetic Grass Approval is Relatively Easy. If you’ve already completed, for example; a roofing project, painting, or other major exterior work, then you already know the process and character of your HOA. Whatever level of difficulty – or not, that experience was we think you’ll find synthetic grass / artificial turf will be at the lower end for approval. HOA’s Artificial Turf Specification: Front Yard

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Jul 24, 2014· When gazing across someone else’s perfectuly maincured EasyTurf lawn, you may have asked yoursef, “Who installs artificial grass?” Maybe you’re not a do-it-yourselfer, and you’re worriedd that you’ve got to do it yourself. Have no fear – we’re here. EasyTurf is the leading synthetic grass installer in Southern California, and beyond that, we’ve located the

What Every Homeowner Should Know About Artificial Turf

Dec 23, 2014· EasyTurf, a FieldTurf Company, is the innovator of modern synthetic turf for landscape applications and continues to research and develop the highest quality artificial turf products for sports fields, playgrounds, commercial properties, and residential landscaping. EasyTurf artificial grass is unmatched when it comes to realism, life expectancy and proper drainage.

Homeowners Associations HOA’s and Artificial Turf Lawn

HOA’s Artificial Turf Specification: Front Yard. Should you be an HOA board member or not, we imagine you’d want to establish or expect for your community, a good standard for artificial turf or synthetic grass in your neighborhood. In our experience HOA’s almost always establish good basic and minimum standards for the synthetic grass...

EasyTurf: saves money, water, and your short game

Playground, rooftop, indoor installations – As EasyTurf continues to grow and lead the synthetic turf industry, we want to take a minute to remember that our artificial putting green installations helped make a name for ourselves. Our keen attention to detail paralleled with an unbeatable product give our customers a professional grade putting green every

Homeowner sued by HOA for using artificial turf South

Homeowner sued by HOA for using artificial turf. By Daniel Vasquez On Condos. Jul 27, 2010 at 3:00 AM.... While the use of artificial grass is commonly used in xeriscaping, DeFelice's...

Is it Time for Artificial Grass? | Just Like Grass

Apr 15, 2019· According to the AHS article, a growing number of homeowners are turning to artificial grass for their landscaping needs. This is largely due to the large cost savings that are often attached to watering a real grass lawn and landscaping fees, but there are a growing number of other important aspects that make artificial grass an appealing...

Wholesale Artificial Grass in Spokane, WA Contractors:

Get wholesale pricing on SYNLawn® artificial turf and amplify your Spokane, WA contractor business with the finest synthetic grasses in the industry! As one of the nation’s leading artificial grass manufacturers, SYNLawn® offers excellent customer service, outstanding quality, and precise synthetic landscaping products.

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Enjoy your lake view with our low maintenance artificial grass. EasyTurf to the rescue! 👌 "My side yard is small but has a pretty view of the lake. However, because my HOA mows it I couldn’t keep anything on it, making it mostly unusable to me. My new EasyTurf installation

Artificial Grass – HOAs OK in CALIFORNIA* | Artificial

Jan 04, 2018· Governor Brown Signs AB 349 Into Law 9-2015 Preventing [HOA & CID] Associations from Prohibiting the Installation of Artificial Turf [Grass] New protections for homeowners within HOAs installing artificial turf grass ; New limits on HOA ability to fine for irrigation reduction after drought periods are concluded. Artificial turf [will] be coming to an association near [ ]

Is our HOA Required to Allow Artificial Grass? — HOA

Apr 17, 2013· Answered – No. Civil Code Section 1353.8 renders void and unenforceable any restrictions in a HOA’s governing documents that prohibit the installation of low water-using “plants.” Artificial grass or synthetic turf is not a plant, but a synthetic material designed to look like grass.

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Dec 03, 2019· EasyTurf artificial grass is more than just the turf grass itself. It’s a complete landscape system. The artificial grass system includes preparation of the ground the artificial grass will be installed on, the drainage through the artificial grass backing, the infill material used to keep the artificial grass blades erect and provide ballast...

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Recent Posts. Here’s How to Get Artificial Turf When You Have an HOA March 8, 2020; Artificial Turf For Small Budgets: Front Yards Only March 3, 2020; Fort Myers Fall Home Show, September 7-8, 2019 September 3, 2019; Your New Artificial Turf is the Same Used by Professional Athletes August 27, 2019; Orlando Home & Garden Show: August 23-25, 2019 August 19, 2019

Homeowner's Associations Allow Artificial Grass

Sep 09, 2016· Artificial grass now looks like a real grass lawn. Due to a new law in California, the attitude of HOAs has changed as well. HOAs are allowing homeowners to install fake lawns. Not just any fake grass, but lawns that look like real and great! Let the real experts at Watersavers Turf who know artificial grass help you find your perfect lawn.

Artificial Grass and HOAs Buy, Install and Maintain

Jul 18, 2019· This can sometimes include artificial grass installation. If you live in California, you’re in the clear. In 2015 then-governor Brown signed Assembly Bill 349 and Assembly Bill 1164. These bills bar HOAs, cities and counties from forbidding synthetic grass or turf.

Effectively Immediately! HOAs may not Prohibit Artificial

Sep 08, 2015· As a result, Civil Code Section 4735 has been amended to render void and unenforceable any provision of a HOA’s governing documents i.e., a HOA’s architectural standards that “prohibits, or includes conditions that have the effect of prohibiting, the use of artificial turf or any other synthetic surface that resembles grass.”

Artificial Turf and HOA’s Artificial Grass Distributors

Artificial Turf and HOA’s. When you live in an area where there’s a Homeowners Association you’ll need to get any plans you have for the exterior of your home approved by them. You’ll know if you live in an area where there’s an HOA if you’re paying dues to the community you’re in. Living in an area with an association is can be...